R&R- Partner & Designer:
Esin Guler
X R&R- Partner & Master Gem Setter:
Mihran Guler

Esin Guler grew up surrounded by art and creativity, and, not surprisingly, developed a sincere passion for jewelry at a young age. She came of age watching her brother Mihran work tirelessly to become a master of gem setting and Esin felt deeply that jewelry was also her calling. Despite the fact that jewelry design was rarely pursued by women at such a young age, Esin knew that she had the talent for it. After completing her training at Academie Istanbul, with confidence, Esin brought her creative mind, skilled hands and dream of opening her own business to America. With her passion renewed and energized, Esin honed her talents, taking unrefined design techniques and producing highly detailed pieces. The works she produced left her customers speechless and Esin became driven by the need to create on a larger scale. With like-minded passions and standards for excellence, she joined her brother Mihran to make their dream of designing art together a reality.

Mihran Guler, affectionately called 'Pasha', is the reason this group of talented artisans came together to form the design house Rhyme & Reason. Mihran was born and raised in Istanbul, in an Armenian neighborhood close to the Grand Bazaar. It was there, at age 12, where Mihran began his jewelry career as an apprentice. His strong work ethic– a trait he inherited from his father -- quickly separated him from others. By the age of 20 he had become a well-respected craftsman and expert in gem setting. Classically trained in the art of diamond setting by numerous masters, Mihran always had a yearning for greater challenges and a goal unnamed and unfilled in Turkey. After years of working in Istanbul, Mihran decided to join his family in the United States, where he could share the knowledge and expertise bestowed upon him by mentors. He knew he was destined to be part of something special and wanted to form a team of people who felt as passionately about jewelry and design as he did. Mihran's first recruit was his youngest sister, who had followed in his footsteps into the jewelry arena. United in their faith and upbringing, Mihran urged his sister Esin to join him in making their mark in a uniquely formed 'family' business. For his part in the collaborative process, Mihran flawlessly combines classical and contemporary precious gem setting techniques in various metals. His grounded and heartfelt passion for his work gives this duo added strength and determination to their united cause of creating meaningful and lasting fine jewelry.